Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If Home Is Where The Heart Is, Then My Home Is Where You Are.

Which means right now that my home is far away... VERY far away. But, I'm countin' down the days. The sunset in the previous post is a picture that I took of last night's sunset. I think I learned something. That the sunset is prettiest right after a storm. Yesterday in the early evening there was a crazy storm that just showed up. I've never seen a storm anything like that one. It was hailing and raining and sleeting so hard that within less then 5 minutes all the gutters were overflowing. I went out for about 3 minutes, and I got completely soaked. It was so loud it sounded like it could've broken glass. But then after about 10 minutes it stopped, and soon after everything seemed calm. Then a couple hours later with still some of the storm clouds in the sky there was the most amazing sunset. So in other words, I guess maybe, after the worst pain comes the greatest joy? I think that works because like lifting weights it just breaks your muscles down, and then that's the point at which you become stronger. So don't be afraid to show emotion. Don't be afraid to cry, you become even stronger after that. And don't worry, you'll have your amazing sunset. <3

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who Calls The Shots?

"You're to young to fall in love." Oh really? And how do you know? Who's the one in charge that marks the age where you are no longer "too young" to fall in love? Only YOUR heart has the answer. It's not something you decide on. It's not something you have control over. He says or does something. It's the way he looks at you and smiles one day. He tells you he loves you. Then all of a sudden... you realize that you can't live without him. You see him smile and think, "I would take all the pain in the world... if I could always see him happy like this." You realize that you've loved him all along.. and just.. will never stop loving him. Who calls the shots? I do.