Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So You Stole My World... :)

I know that's actually part of a sad song, but today it's meant to be happy.
The cutest thing.
Watching your boy work on his truck with a little neighbor boy (his names Terron, he's maybe 8). CUTEST THING.
They talked about girls, and cooties (unless you're 60 or 65, then they go away).
They talked about chasing girls.
I heard him say, "If you ever get a girl, get one like her."
I about melted.
I sat on the concrete with the Terron and we held Sarafiki (my boy's snake).
I stayed for dinner, and we had some good laughs.
I have the best times with him.
So many inside jokes.

..... :)

If I could say something big and profound that would mean so much to him I would. But I just got all tongue tied, and mess up, and stutter, and I'm just a mess.

So about the only thing I can say is, "I love you."

...So you stole my world...

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