Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cupcakes and cute boys. (jus one :) )

I really want a cupcake.
But I can't eat one.
My friend had one yesterday, and jus ate it in front of me. (Love you, Britt. )
These dern food allergies will do me in.
I ate a piece of bread the other day
(home made- I had to)
I about died.
Hurt my tummy so bad.

But I'm pretty sure if that was placed in front of me...
I'd eat it any ways.:)

Cute boys er... jus one?
Just trust me, he's so cute. :)

I guess I'd rather have him then a cupcake.

Hands down.
Fo Sho.

He tells me to never stop being beautiful.
I didn't know I'd ever started.
He's a keeper.

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