Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 3- The Parents

There's gonna be 2 posts today... cause I was occupied yesterday with Halloween. You understand.

So the parents.
Well. I love my daddy and mommy. They are amazing, and do so much for me.
My dad has a very sarcastic sense of humor which sometimes gets him in trouble with my mom. It's funny.
Both my parents enjoy my sense of humor (I mean come on, who doesn't? ;) ).
My daddy was born in California, my mommy in Georgia. And they ended up here in Utah.
I love it here, except the winter. And Snow. Bleh.
But ANYWAYS. Yes. Parents.
They're awesome.
They've shared their testimonies with me, and always help me grow. They love me and are so giving. I have some good laughs with them too.
A little bit before lately I kinda just... well, wasn't appreciating them as much as I should have. But I've been kinda stupid and am doing my best to do better. Obedience is best, FYI.
Today in one class we started talking about our parents... for my mom the word that came to mind was patience. My dad's was Service. Although those are both exchangeable. And there are so many more word that I could use for them. I love them so much, and they help me so much. I really am so very grateful for their testimonies of the gospel, their love for it, and for me.

And I really wasn't adopted... even though I really don't look like them. :)

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