Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 4. What I ate today. :)

I liked this one... and I like food too. :)

Well... Breakfast consisted on some Cheerios and Rice Milk. (The rice milk is due to some food allergies I have. Lovely. So... the things I get to eat now... are a wee bit different sometimes.)

Lunch was beef stew that my mom made, which was fabulous. I also had some grapes and pecans, and some bread, and a couple bites of Britt's food.

Then after school I had a couple Reeses. Yum.

Dinner was Fettucini, which was also fab, and made with rice noodles. Pretty good my friends.

Then I had a kit kat and a twix. Chocolate is always good.
That's it for so far today, but I will probably eat more before the night is through. :)

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