Saturday, November 12, 2011


Day 14. Who is my hero?

My Savior. He's saved me from myself, and all my pains and sorrows. He's my light house.

These two men right here. My uncle and cousin. They've spent so much time to serving our country and risking their lives.

These two guys as well.
I've never met the first, but I've seen him in my life. He's helped me grow and has given me strength through others. I've even felt his arms around me when I've felt lonely.
And the other guy has taught me how to be strong, caring, kind, and loving. He's loved me when I've least deserved it.

There's so many more... my papi-for all he's given me. My grandpas- for lessons learned. The prophet-for truth shown.

I love the heroes in my life.

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