Friday, November 18, 2011

This month.

Day 20.
Well, November.
Today it's the 18th, so this month isn't over, but I'll give you a recap of the first part of this month, and [hopefully] how the rest will go. :)

Let's see....
Well, there's been school. Yay. I really am just ready to move on. Go to college, and just get to a new chapter in my life. I should've done things so that I could've graduated a year early.... :\
But I didn't. So I have another year. Lovely.

There's been basketball. I love basketball. LOVE it.
Even though... I'm not too good. That's alright.
I just have to say my one of my favorite parts in a game is when you get a fast break, and you can just take it all the way and sink it. Fabulous.

I have my first game today. Kinda nervous, and I don't usually get nervous. Mr. Haymond said he expects no less then 20 points from me. So.... I'm going to do mah best. Woot!

I've had work, but not as much, cause of ball and school. But it's fine.

I've been doing homework, working my butt of, making memories, playing with friends, ya know, the usual.

The REST of this month should be great. Today is the last day of school before 10 days off for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty dern excited. My brothers and sister and the other halfs are coming over, and even though Mike can't, I'm still excited. I get to see him in less then a month.
I'm going to catch up on some sleep next week, practice ball a TON, eat as much as I can, play lots, read, etc. It'll be fun.

And in 10 days, I'll be a whopping 17. So, that should be fun.

So, there's the gist of it. It seems like a boring life, but there's always those spontaneous, improv moments that make things amazing. And then there's that boy... who makes things spectacular. :)

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