Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You are what you eat.

Just kidding. I just needed a clever title.
Day 10-What you wore today.
Well.... since I go to a private school I got to wear my uniform! YAY! ...*sarcasm*... well it's really not all that bad... skirt, polo, etc... EXCEPT. This morning I got hot cocoa... and well... I ALWAYS spill on myself when I get hot cocoa... and I had a white shirt on. GREAT. So I had to button my sweater up like ALL THE WAY.
Three hurrahs for nerds! *hurrah* *hurrah* *hurrah*
Anyways. I got home, had to go to work... so I got to wear the good ol work clothes.
I'm still in them now except for I'm wearing a hoodie over my undershirt.
I'll go shower in a few and then go change into some of [his:)] pj pants and t-shirt. [he's given me lots:)]
It will be wonderful.

On another note.. Thanks to Katie's blog... I've decided my room is FAR to dull darling. So. I'm gonna have fun in [hopefully] creative ways. :)

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