Monday, December 12, 2011

And I feel like a hum-bug.

Maybe it's because there is no snow... (And I don't even like snow)..
Or maybe ... Let's face it, I don't really know why.

I just am not in the Christmas spirit.

I'd rather it be Spring.

It doesn't even have to come, that's absolutely fine.

Sad much? I think so.

Maybe it's cause everything is so busy, tangled, and flipped upside down. It really isn't supposed to be like this. It really isn't, but it is. Good attitude, Chelle, good attitude. Right now this season just doesn't seem all cheery and happy like it should be. It just seems like a long winter, with no light in it.
Maybe I outta eat some fruit cake, that would cure me for sure.

On the up side, my brother comes home on Friday. :) I haven't seen him since August, and I just might cry when I see him. He will leave again in January, be back in April, then be gone for 2 years. Then by the time he gets back all of my guy friends will be going on missions. I just can't win.

I think I'm going to be an old maid. But all is not lost... I'll be a Mormon nun. And maybe I can [insert Mexican accent] love all the orphans in the world.

This weekend I realized some things. #1. I have no life (thank you angry birds). #2.I love grapefruit. #3. I need a paradigm shift. I just can't see how this all is going to work out. #4. I need patience, I need to learn to put it all in the Lord's hands. #5. When you love someone, don't EVER take it for granted. You don't know when they'll slip away. #6. Also, when you love someone, treat them right, love them so fully, so completely, so perfectly... #7. Smile. It's worth it.


  1. you can't become an old maid cause then i'll lost fifty bucks. get. married. out. of. high. school. that's chelle's life. (;

  2. Sorry babe. At least 21... if at all. You're gonna owe me.