Monday, December 12, 2011

I guess we can blame it on the rain...

Right now? I really need a summer rainstorm.
I could use some dancing, splashing, and laughing.

I love the feeling of the rain on my face, and my wet hair even if I'd previously spent 30 minutes on it. I'll take the rain any day.

Remember that day we talked about the rain? How if it started raining hard at a certain time we would each start walking towards the others house? And meet halfway?

It never did rain hard enough. What a bummer. :\

But that was just our [non?] start of adventures in the rain. :)

There's something about the way the dark clouds roll in, or electricity lights the sky.
Then there's something about the peaceful rain... you can hear it outside, hard enough to make you want to leave class, stop work, get out of your car... and just play.

Or like you, rock the air guitar without your shirt on. ;) Always a winner.

Dear summer,
Please come faster.

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