Sunday, December 4, 2011

This is why I love you.

Oh. And these are just a few reasons.

Because you call me beautiful.

Because you play with my hair and kiss my forehead.

Because you say the cutest things.

Because you give me butterflies.

Because we make plans together.

Because I can be myself around you.

Because you're not afraid to let me in.

Because you tell me things like how we should get married an hour after you get off your mission, and the fact that you have to be released first is just one more detail.

Because you tell me to never stop being beautiful. When I didn't even know I'd started.

Because you love my eyes.

Because you love my smile.

Because you can make me laugh when I didn't even want to smile.

Because you know when I'm not okay.

Because you get me daisys on horrible days.

Because you get me a stuffed animal gorilla that can be warmed up on my birthday.

Because we pretend that we're six.

Because your eyes could melt any girl.

Because you have the best personality and kindest heart.

Because you're sincere in your compliments.

Because even after a week of camping, while on a hike when looking down from a mountain at an amazing and beautiful view, you just shrug and say, "I've seen better." And I smile because I know you're talking about me.

Because we can know what the other is thinking without even having to say it.

Because you'll stay by my side.

Because you'll hold me when I'm hurting.

Because you tell me that it's okay to cry.

Because I can trust you with anything.

Because you give me your clothes.

Because you give me your cologne while your away so I fall asleep wearing your clothes, whose smell reminds me of you.

Because you gave me a necklace that you made to always remind me that I'm a princess.

Because you change yourself to be a better you for me.

Because you waited a long time for me.

Because you were willing to wait even longer.

Because you trust me.

Because you hug me from behind.

Because you treat me right.

Because you make me know that I'm worth a lot.

Because I'm worth everything to you.

Because you gave me your heart.

Because you're my best friend.

Because you love me for me.

I love you.


  1. Ummm this post makes me happy! I hoped he would be all this!

  2. All this and much much more Nae.