Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well. That Carton of ice cream is no more.

(I'll apologize in advance for the bluntness.)
I feel that my hormones have been getting the worst of me lately.
And this NEVER happens.
And it's not even that time.
But seriously.
Maybe I'm pregnant or something. It must be the or something cause I'm not pregnant.
But really.
The other day I had a mental breakdown.
That's only happened once before and it was for a plausible cause.
This time I really don't have an excuse. Sure I was stressed, but I usually handle it pretty well.
This time I just.. yeah.
I had to tell myself to breathe.
And then I just barely ate a ton of ice cream.
(Not that I don't do that anyways... but still.)
Oh well.
Being a girl is great.
Except for not really being able to play tackle football.
Cause can you imagine a pissed off girl at that time? Nothing would stop her.
It'd be great.

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  1. Chelle! I met your blog through Jenni's and had to stalk... ;) Its adorable!