Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby fist pump.

Yeah, don't worry. It's okay.
Yesterday in basketball I was with my dear friend Britt. Just coming back from Christmas break... we were feeling a little pudgy.
But that's beside the point.
When you work hard your heart pumps. Who knew?
And right below my ribs I could feel my heart beating when I put my hand there. Thinking it was something worth sharing, I was like, "Hey Britt. You can feel my heart beating. Feel."
Being Britt, she replied, "No, that's your baby... fist pumping."

Pretty amusing.
So. I decided that when I'm a mom, and gonna have a baby... I'm gonna listen to some fist pumping music, like black and yellow, or something like that.. just to see if my child will fist pump.

I'm keeping my hopes up. It'll be great.

*Switch to completely different subject*
I've only had 3 energy drinks in my life. Red Bull, Monster, then one other weird one that Ammon gave me at a dance. Not a bid d.
But I think it might be bad... that I crave those sometimes. I haven't had one since like September. And I don't even think that they taste very good, but I guess I crave them because I want to have energy.
From the ones I've drank, I don't even think they work very well either.
Maybe I crave them because I want them to work.
Darn you caffeine.
Why you no work very well for me most of the time?

Anyways. :)

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