Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Because I can. :)

Here's some more random pictures, thoughts, etc.


:) Aww yes. The classic glue move. A definite favorite.

I don't want this. I NEED this. If you love me...

:) Everyday man. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This was just adorable.

I love this kind of cookies. I really want one right now.

Tis true.

Ya got that??

This is so very very very true for me. :)
I'm an epic dancer/singer when I'm home alone.

Someday I will do my eye make up like this.

"When I met you my definition of perfect changed."

There you have it.

Now. Life. School.... is... school=bleh. Ready to be out.
Basketball.. I can not get enough. I could play a game every single day and not get tired of it. I love love love that sport.
Work. That's always interesting. Amusing.
Every thing else... yup.

Sometimes I just wish that things would not be so crazy, that things wouldn't hurt so much, they'd at least be easier to get over, or at least come to grips with. Cause it's hard.

OH! So the other day I was at a bus stop and some guy (mid 20's probably) was turning a corner and he basically ran over the curb. And he had seen me look over. He knew I'd seen him do it. So what do you do in a situation like that? Well, I'll tell you what he did. He pulled a dorky face and gave me a thumbs up. I gladly returned the thumbs up. Dear stranger, for being able to not get mad at the curb, for being able to laugh it off, I commend you. You also made my day better. Thank you.

Happy Wednesday!

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