Saturday, February 11, 2012

Days like this.

It's always nice when you are goin to the store so you pull into a parking space and then get out and only THEN do you realize that there are two people making out in the car next to you. They even had a blanket.
In a Macey's parking lot. Really? REALLY?

Anyways. I got red lipstick today. Definitely a good decision.
I also got nail polish, because the color was cute.

All day I've been walking around like a grandma. My butt hurts to bad. And my elbow is super maimed. Oh well. No pain, no gain.
And basketball is DEFINITELY worth the pain.

It was really nice out today.. but I didn't really spend much time outside because I couldn't do anything because of my poor, beaten body. But that's okay. The sun was shining, so I was happy.

I'm really sorry for the randomness of this post.. actually no. I'm not sorry. You can just get over it.

I really love music. It treats me good. Usually. Except when a song comes on and it makes you cry... because of things that have happened and things that are happening...

Push on through, Chelle. Put a smile on, and if it's not real then fake it until its real. :)

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