Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happily Ever After.

So, basically my sister-in-law has a super cute blog. And she just posted her love story. It was adorable. Even though she married my brother, I was 12 when they got hitched, and I guess never really knew what went on.
It made me happy to see that they are happy even through hard times, but it also made me sad, because I'm scared that I just won't find someone. Or maybe I've lost my chance.

It's really not a pleasant feeling, thinking that that might never be yours.
Yes, I know I'm only 17. I'm aware.
But if you think about it people get married out of high school or soon after.
That could be only a little more then a year.
But no. I want to be at least 21.
But the thought scares me. It really horrifies me. Thinking that it might not ever even happen, that that guy—just won't notice me. (And by that guy I mean the right one) Or maybe (this is even worse) that he's just given up on me.

... Now the funny thing about it, ain't a story without it, but the story is mine. And I wish I could say that it ended just fine.

(Maybe I'm just feeling down and insecure, if so.... pardon me.)

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