Sunday, February 19, 2012

:) Sundays.

Today in sacrament I fell asleep on my little sister's lap.
In Sunday school my friend and I gave each other back rubs.
In Young Women another friend and I did the back rub thing again.
When I got home I went through pictures.
Then my sister and her hubby came over. I miss her when she's not here.
We used to always have so much fun.
We'd even cry together.
But whenever we would hang out it would usually consist of watching movies with extremely attractive male actors in them and eating ice cream or brownies or something else that was really fattening. Because we both weigh like 100 lbs. Sometimes we would even make midnight sandwiches. Those were beautiful days. She would always have a stash of chocolate, and I could always have some. We would make faces at cute boys when they drove by, and even got followed by some guys once. We would drag main and eat at Two Jacks.
But now she's married, and lives in Orem. *Sigh....
Anyways. That was a tangent. It's fine, really.
During dinner whenever my family is over our conversations always turn awkward. And I love it.
Tonight my sis and her hubs were saying how the people right next door were either always fighting... or making up. And they could always hear everything.
So my mom has a great idea. "How about you guys just make some noise in your own bedroom??"
No she didn't mean it like that.
But we all died of laughing anyways. :)
Sunday evenings usually consist of skyping my brother. And I love it.
I miss him so so very much.
But he will be back in April for a little while before he goes on his mission.
Speaking of missionaries I decided I am going to start writing... 3 of them. It will be grand. I might actually get mail. :) Cheers.

Then tonight I went over to Mason's. I've missed that kid.
I still had my church clothes on... and when I got over there I realized it was a bad idea. I made him get me some gym shorts because with him EVERYTHING turns into a battle. And I love it. :)
We spent an hour and a half messing off, beating on each other, wrestling, tickling each other, eating ice cream and caramel apples, and other things. I loved every second of it.
His little sister could be my own sister, and I love her to death.
His dad and step-mom are always great and I love talking to them.
Whenever I go over there it feels like my home away from home. I could show up anytime, and they would love it and welcome me.
It's the best having more then one family.

I decided I really like Sundays. Sometimes the speaker goes on and on, and you feel like you would rather jump in a bucket of slime, but it's not all that bad.
I always feel so peaceful and happy at church. I can't tell you how blessed I am, and how happy I am to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Through it all life really is beautiful. Sometimes you just have to find it. :)

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