Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sing me a lullaby.

It's a posting music kinda day.
Songs that've been on my mind today.

I told you, so often. But not enough.
I see those blue eyes every time I close mine...

I kinda wish.. want... need... someday... maybe a boy will feel this way about me.

It's good sometimes just to know that you're wanted..
That there is someone out there who will drop everything just to answer your calls, or get you a daisy just because you're feeling down..

Sing this lullaby to yourself.

Don't worry, I'll just go sit outside, find myself in places we used to go, listening to songs we used to listen to... I'll go outside when it hurts too bad, I'll find my star, and do what you told me to so many months ago...

But I guess, all those months ago.. it was just to remind myself that you still loved me and that you'd be back soon.
Now it's just to take away all the pain because I know you're not coming back, but I won't admit it to myself, I won't let myself believe it.

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