Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another point of view.

Well, you may have heard or been referred here from Brittani's involving a story about a van.
Well... here's the gist.
Yes, we rolled 2 1/2 times, ending up upside down. And yes... we walked away from it.
I will put more pictures of the van up soon, but for now this will have to suffice.

I snapped this with my phone before they flipped it back over.

And one funny thing is that when we started out.. I had my phone in my hand.
AFTER the whole ordeal... I ended up with only the back of it in my hand.
When a fireman asked me if there was anything that I really needed I replied, "Well, maybe the rest of my phone so I can call my parents later.."
Sure enough about 5 minutes later he came up to me with the front of my phone, but the battery was missing. I said that to myself, thinking, "Oh well, I'll just have to get a new one.."
But then about 2 minutes later that same fireman comes up to me again and asks, "Is this the battery?"
Sure enough, it was. How he found it I have NO idea.
It was dark out, and our stuff was everywhere. But ya know. I was happy.

But I guess maybe I should start from the beginning?
We were on our way back to Britt's gram's house. 2 minutes away from being home, listening to One Direction, having a good time.
We waved at a couple kids in the car next to us, and when that light turned green they sped up, cut us off and went through that light super fast taking a left turn. We had slowed way down, and well.. we both could have sworn that the light was green. Apparently ours wasn't the only green light.
I looked down at something, and then all of a sudden I got jerked really hard, I knew we'd been hit by a car... but what I REALLY wasn't expecting was when we didn't stop moving and then proceeded to flip. In the middle of the air, upside down Britt and I made eye contact.
We both had similar thoughts, "Oh. Crap."
It was about the amount of time that it takes to blink and it was over.
But I remember it all.
It really was like the movies... time slowed down, the music went silent and all I could hear was my gasp of breath at the beginning and the sound of the car crunching as we hit and flipped and hit the ground again.
When we finally stopped I looked over, and she was just dangling there, upside down in her seat. I thought she was unconscious... or dead.
It was about a 1/4 of a second while these thoughts were going through my head. As I quickly tried to get my seat belt off, it wouldn't come off. I did the first thing I thought of and slipped out underneath the belt and I was next to her saying, "Britt. You HAVE to get your seat belt off," not even knowing if she was going to reply.
Little did I know she was just hanging out trying to figure out what to do.
You can't even imagine the relief I felt when she looked over, and started trying to get her belt off. But then she couldn't, and she couldn't slip out either, so there I was trying to get that stinking thing off of her. I got it undone and she came out.
Then my WAY blonde moment... I thought, "How the heck am I supposed to get this door open?"
Well... yeah. Smart.
The middle window was out so we crawled out of that.
And then there was a cop walking towards us. He had seen the whole thing, and he thought we were dead. He had us sit down on the ground which was covered in glass, and I remember looking around at the glass and our stuff that was spread about 30 ft out.
The cop asked us some questions, and by that time the firemen were there and he said we needed to get to the sidewalk. Well, Britt's slippers had come off, and there was a pair of her converse on the ground, but those were covered in glass, so once again I did the first thing that came to my mind.
"Britt, I'll give you a piggy back ride." She hopped on before any authority could protest.
We should've been dead or seriously injured and I was giving her a piggy back ride. :)
We got to the sidewalk and were checked out. Her mom came down, my parents were called, releases were signed, we watched them flip the van back over then tow it away and then we were free to go...
I knew it was a miracle. Beyond a miracle. But I'm still realizing so many details that make it even more of a miracle. Here's a list of just a few.
-Neither of our windows were broken, and the front windshield was cracked, but not shattered like EVERY SINGLE OTHER WINDOW in the car. That saved us from a ton of cuts.
-Our airbags didn't go off, saving us from bruises and burns.
-We ended up on the other side of the intersection upside down where there is ALWAYS oncoming traffic, but there wasn't any.
-I hit my head on the window or side or something, and have a bump by my eye, and by my hairline, but somehow the impact missed my temple.

That's just a few, there are so many.
I can't even comprehend it still.
That we walked away from that, with very minor injuries.
Yeah we have a few bruises showing up, and I think I bruised my sternum, I've had a headache for the last couple days, and we're sore, but that's it.
The kind of accident that we were in was the kind of accident that kills people, or puts them in the hospital in very bad condition.

It was such a miracle, along with a reality check.
I see everyday as a gift, as another day to be better.

Yes I could sit back and say that we are pretty much awesome for walking away from that, but.. I have to give credit where it's due. There must have been about a billion angels there protecting us, and making things happen, or stopping things from happening.
I thank my Heavenly Father every day, for the chance to have another day to be a better person.

So there's the story. If you want even more details, feel free to visit me. I'll show you more pictures all tell you whatever else you want to know.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why they call it the present."

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  1. Every time I see that picture I just about die. I'm sure glad you guys are righteous! ;) I don't know what I would do without you! Be careful and come back soon! Love you!