Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Days like this

I want to drive away.
Seriously though. Sometimes.
I finally stood up for myself and all those other girls.
So what did he do?
Told me I was making it into a big deal, made it all into a lie (once again), and pissed me off.
So maybe... I knocked the ball he was bouncing out of his hands, told him to watch his back and stormed off.
(After that I might've gone into the bathroom cause I was so mad and started crying... but, ya know..)
He doesn't know why he needs to watch his back... BUT LET ME TELL YOU.
Why? Heh. My brother comes home in a week and a half. My brother is 6' 4" and full of muscle. And my brother doesn't like him.
Yay for older brothers who are willing to beat the crap out of complete tools.
And yay for best friends who would make them eat dirt if I let them.
AND yay for Papa Miller who said he would shoot him cause he has lots of guns.

Yah... today wasn't the best. At least not at school.
I started getting some work on my neck and head done though.
Then I got to be wounded in a mock car wreck.
And I got to talk with my best friend.
The ending was pretty good.

Either way I'm still trying to do my best to


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