Monday, April 16, 2012

Lets buy everyone nice sweaters.

I love Relient K.

On another completely non related note..

One of the guys in One Direction said this, "Sometimes girls hug all the boys except for Niall, he tends to just smile and stand there, but Niall said it hurts."

Whichever girls thought that THIS

Was not hugging material must have some SERIOUS mental problems.

Oh, maybe I guess he said it..

That's so sad. So help me if I ever meet him I will make up for all those other stupid girls.

I'm fan girling really hard about him right now, it's fine really.
And he has a sexy accent.

This is the story of my life..

Google Image Result for

So true..
Faceless Fashion

And this is also [sadly] true..


'Cause you make me speechless..

Google-Ergebnis für

Alright. I really need sleep. Goodnight. :)
Lots of love.

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