Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On the verge.

I really need to get out and go running or something.
But as my luck would have it my head just doesn't like me.
You'd think after a week and a half the headache would go away, right? Wrong.
So... tomorrow I'll go grudgingly to get work done. Yay.

I just don't like to admit that I'm in pain. I want to prove to others that I'm strong enough, that I don't need the help.

But no.

I really really want a henna.
I'm getting one the first week of summer.
My shoulder blade, and maybe another one somewhere else thats cool.

Want to be there..
You Only Live A Once
But I'd rather be in your arms instead.

This is really cool.


Yay 1D

Harry Styles

I want heels like this but silver..
(4) Facebook

I am..

Daniella Mejia Nuñez

Twitter / @MariaIselin: This is for you http://t.c ...
Woah O.o

Oh ps it was rainy this morning, and I liked it, but it should've actually poured.

But its sooo sunny right now.
This is how I feel about it being sunny. :) :)


Smile, you are loved. :)

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