Monday, May 14, 2012

Just go run.

I felt it all crashing down on me. Again. You know the suffocating feeling?
And for no good reason, or for every good reason, you feel like you're going to cry?
I had that. Really bad.
I also had (still have) 2 papers to finish and a math lesson to do..
So I decided to go running.
Even though I knew it would hurt every step.
Since that rollover I haven't really done much physically.. I wanted to focus on fixing my neck, and my sprained hip. (That just sounds awkward. Sprained hip? Goody.)
Plus my new fun wound which is right by my hip so every time I move it hurts..
(It's sideways, but isn't that lovely?  Notice the bruising too.. So much fun.)

So yeah. I ran. And it hurt. But I loved it, and I just got away from it all for a moment.
Although that moment was really all too short..

And sometimes all I want is to be that little girl again. Lost in those perfect beautiful moments that were made up of just you and me.


Is that too much to ask?

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