Sunday, June 17, 2012

I wonder.

Sometimes after things go really wrong... sometimes only sometimes do they just start to go right.
You find your smile again, you dance like crazy, and you can just let go for a while.
So that brings me to the I wonder part.

Looking back I wonder if we'll ever talk and say something like:
Do you remember that first time that we really actually hung out?
We still didn't know each other very well.
But we were both just our complete selves.
Me, well I was tripping on my own words and feet. You? You were great.
Remember how we just decided to crash a dance?
Remember how at one point you proposed to me?
Or how later you made me pretend to be your girlfriend?
How about when we decided to try to do back flips, or hands up stands up?
Yeah, it wasn't such a bad night.

So now I'll learn a song on my guitar, just because you wanted me to so you could sing along.
Fotos del muro

Come on summer, just keep on getting better. Please.

Believe in yourself. Love yourself.
Then you can change the world.

P.S. I've already got 2 hennas. Don't worry, pictures will come. :)
Black & white Pictures

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  1. It's amazing how things just seem to fall into place(: