Sunday, June 24, 2012

Procrastinaters unite!! ... Tomorrow.

Yeah I need to leave for church soon.
I'm leaving on a week long camp out tomorrow, and haven't packed.
I have to teach a bunch of stuff on that camp out and have read through the material once..

Ya know, it's fine.

I am pretty excited however, this camp out should be fun. :)
Rock climbing, sailing, partying, etc.
So basically, that's why I won't be writing any posts this week. At least probably not.
I'm bringing my phone, but who knows how it'll be out there in the wilderness.
Yay wilderness.

-Sometimes (actually most of the time) I really love lifeguarding.
        And it's really funny when you're on break with someone you don't know, like at all. :)
-Sometimes the hardest part of my day is getting out of bed. I'm quite sleep deprived.
-I can fall asleep basically anywhere. Sidewalk, during family prayer, on a rock... You name it.
-I like how long my hair is getting.
-I woke up this morning and the skin under my eyes felt like a dried apricot. What the heck is with that? (Don't worry, it's getting better though.)
-Some things that make me happy are the color blue, rain, daisies, laughing, and making memories.
-I really want a smoothie right now.

And this made my day.

Keep on smiling. :)

Talk to y'all in a week. 

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