Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time to learn.

So. As you may know, I work at a pool.
I help with maintenance in the mornings and then lifeguard.
So I have a few lessons I've learned to share with you (as just be aware that there will most likely be more lessons that I'll share with you).
Just in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation for some reason.
NUMBER ONE: Sometimes when you forget to put the "bathroom closed" sign old men will walk in and see you and the other girl cleaning... and go poop anyways.
NUMBER TWO: Sometimes even when you have the "bathroom closed" sign up, young BYU swimmers will come in and be about to take off what little they have on (Guys-Speedos are just gross, k?) and you're all awkward and like, "Oh, good morning!" And then he's like, "WOAH! Good thing you came around when you did." And then you're thinking, "Get out, you turd."
NUMBER THREE: Don't forget your jacket, especially on mornings like today. If you do you'll end up like this one kid at work. And have to be creative.
Needless to say, it was really funny.

Here he looks like some way big creeper, just chillin in the pool.

NUMBER FOUR: Sometimes it gets really cold when you're lifeguarding. Bring your hoodie.
NUMBER FIVE: Don't fall asleep at your guard station. Apparently one time a guard was on at the deep end and they fell in head first... they woke up as they were going down, but couldn't catch themselves.

And those are all the lessons I have for you today. So enjoy, and learn from them.

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