Monday, July 16, 2012

Time is love.

And that title doesn't have much to do with anything.
But check out the song. It's fab. Josh Turner.

You know those days that just... go mostly right? :) Yeah, I like days like that.
Or maybe it's like... everything goes wrong.. but there's one or two things that go right. That's what makes the day amazing.

Today started off with work. Never good.
Then I got an MRI. Even better.
At least I got to wear cute clothes?

Anywho.. then you see.. my madre and I stopped at the mall. And well, it was great. I landed a $130 formal for $16. Can you say boss much?
And then I went home and became a bum again until this kid called me up.

And we went on a motorcycle ride. And I loved it. And I want my own bike now.
And then we just talked and made fun of each other and all that good stuff.
You know what kido? You're alright. :) I love ya. :)

And for kicks and giggles I have to throw this next picture in. It's my favorite.
I caught it while he was like half yawning half stretching or somethin. :)

And it's cute. haha

And you see, my evening was kinda crappy, but that's okay.

"Don't forget to remember the little things. Because sometimes those are the things that pick us up and keep us going."
-Like standing in the rain.
-Watching Mate be good with his hands and tools and fixing things or making things like I always used to. I've missed that.
-Making friends with strangers.
-Smiling and waving at people when you drive by.

Just remember to not get so caught up in life that you don't live. :)

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