Thursday, July 5, 2012

Word to the wise.

First, I need to apologize. About my freaking pictures that hate me and don't want to show up. I'm working on it promise. Hopefully I can fix that problem soon.
Second. Just remember.
You know that girl? The one that seems to be just waiting? The one you think is just stuck and needs to move? You know that girl? The one who still smiles a lot? The one who tells you you're great and loves your company? You know that girl?
Don't misjudge her. She's not weak. Maybe what she needs is your friendship, but maybe you're just pushing her away.
Maybe you think she gets on your nerves, maybe you think she needs to stop.
One day, you might wake up and she'll be gone. She'll be fine, she'll be happy.
And then what?
Then, maybe just maybe you'll realize that you loved how she seemed to be waiting. You'll learn that you're the one who loved her company, you're the one who loved her smile. You'll realize you loved her strength. You'll realize you loved it when she told you you were amazing. And those things that you thought were annoying? You'll miss those things.
You'll miss her.
And maybe at that moment, you'll realize something, and it will hit you hard.
You'll realize you loved her.
To every single boy out there:
Don't take her for granted.
And girls? Don't over think. Don't over analyze. Love him
Do not take him for granted.

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  1. Thaaaaank you for posting this. I needed that little reminder(: