Monday, September 17, 2012

It's okay. :)

I'm in the best mood today. And yes, I have my reasons...... (:

And I love this song.

This weekend has been crazy. Insane.
I loved basically every second of it.

As of late...
I went to Lagoon with my fam and friends.

 Yes, we went on sky coaster. :)
 We're really awkward. And that kid behind me just turned fifteen even though he looks twenty.
 The siblings. Love them. :)
 We were a little scared.. :)
 Me and my baby sister.
 So excited for the roller coaster.
 The parentals. :)
 Le bro.
 Wazzup? :)
Cool story, bro. :)

Oh, and I became a nerd. :)

Good times.

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