Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Start.

What is it about being a New Year that makes things so different?
It's just another day, just another month. A tick or the clock, a turn of the calendar.
But there's something about the newness that gives people hope.
Just like starting over, a clean slate. A messed up past, but a perfect present, with an unknown awaiting future.
There's something about day one with the opportunity to make anything, do anything, become anyone.
So then there's resolutions.
And I once heard someone say something like, about how if whatever you were going to change, it wasn't worth it to you to change before, why would you start now?
In a sense that's true I guess.. but if you look at it from a clean slate perspective, there's no past. No mess ups. No failures. That's why they're wanting to start new.
I have a million things I want to change about myself and how I live my life.
But I was thinking of the most important types of things.
-Keep on reading scriptures every day, get good grades, be a better person, and stuff like that..
I had a huge list..
BUT then I was thinking. I over think everything. I over analyze everything.
Sometimes I get so scared that something is going to end that I can't even enjoy it in the now.
So then I molded my new new years resolutions. And yes some will prolly change, I might add a couple...
But here we go.

1. Live simply and fully.
-See beauty in what is seemingly insignificant, don't waste time on the unimportant.
2. Take more pictures.
-Take the time to capture moments to have for a lifetime.
3. Laugh more.
-Relax, Unwind, don't stress, smile. See the bright side in everything.
4. Get the immune system of a champion.
-I've been getting sick real easy lately. So this comes with eating healthy and keeping my body in shape.
5. Be kind
-"Every day try a little harder to be a little better." -Gordon B. Hinckley, have no enemies.
6. Dream big.
-Look forward to the future, don't live in fear of tomorrow. "Come what may, and love it." -Elder Wirthlin, remember it's all in the Lord's hands.

Here's to 2013.
12 months of joy, 52 weeks of love, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of good health, 52,5600 minutes of happiness.

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