Friday, February 22, 2013

In other matters.

I realized something the other night.
I realized that sometimes

it's okay to cry.

And now, this does not give license to be a basket case all this time.
Heavens no.

But it does mean that after a beautiful day you can be looking through pictures, or hear a song..
And even if things are going right, it's okay to quietly let a tear slip down your face.
Because you miss someone, or because sometimes you're overwhelmed.

But the crying isn't the important part. That's the human part.

The important 
part is what you
do to pick 
back up.
Because things
don't always go
as planned,
but I promise
that they will 
always end 
Even if there 
seems to be
no end in sight.

The sun will rise.
It'll be alright. :)

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