Friday, February 1, 2013

This one's for her.

For the times the one you thought would be standing there last was one of the first to walk away.
For the times when winter takes it too far, and becomes too harsh, and too cold.
For the times when you look in the mirror and see nothing of the person you want to be.
For the times you see the girl everyone loves walking down the hallway and wish you could be a little like her.

This is for the girl who's trying to become the person she wants.
This is for the girl who has bad hair days, so she wears sweats to compensate.
This is for the girl who wishes her eyes were a different color, or wishes her waist was a size smaller.

This is for you.
You're beautiful the way you are, and I mean that.
No boy, no size, no words will change the fact that your beauty is above and beyond what the world says is beautiful.
There's no two eyes that will shine like yours can.
There's no smile that will mean the same things as yours.

Keep your head up, your tiara is falling.

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