Monday, September 2, 2013


So I was cleaning off my laptop, and you know those sticky note things where you can have them on the screen?
Well, I came across one where I had written things from a conversation I had with my boy.
One thing you should know about my boy is he is very good at falling asleep, so during our late night conversations I couldn't ever blame him for falling asleep on the phone with me.
This one night however, he was basically already falling asleep, and making no sense whatsoever.
-He told me we were homies.
-He would answer random questions that I hadn't even asked.
-He said, "I wonder if when kids come home after curfew if they look like turtles."
-And, "I think elephants carry things."
- He said something about an ice bath with lettuce

But one of the last things he said was so sweet, and in the morning he had no memory of it.
I'm sitting there on the phone laughing and just out of the blue he says, "I want to go out with you."

Just knowing that even in his subconscious that he still liked me? That was enough to make my night. :)

Here's to young love,
that goes through a lot, but comes out on top. 
 Here's to being complete dorks sometimes.
 Here's to being 1/12 done with the time I have to spend away from him.

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