Wednesday, September 4, 2013

As fresh as they come.

Yesterday was my first day of college. When asked what year I was (about a million and a half times), I would usually respond simply with, "I'm as fresh as they come."
Here's a few things I learned yesterday and today.
A. Don't EVER expect a parking spot closer then 3.42 miles to campus, at least at BYU. And if you happen to find one just below campus... well you'll be walking a million miles up that ramp thingy, or taking the stairs to hell (as I've so fondly heard them called). Either way, at least I get a little morning work out?
B. There are some weirdos. Creepy dude in all black including a black leather jacket? You're scaring people away. As I walked passed you I expected to get knifed. Guy with the mustard colored skinny jeans? No. Just no. Guy with the American Flag socks? Rock on, dude. Rock on.
C. Every single class you take is the most important one. Not. But I'm pretty sure that email got sent around to all the professors.
D. If you're walking through the Wilk stay in the middle of the walkway at least around the center court. Those people will try to rope you in and get you to sign up for things.
E. These next four years are not yours. When talking to my mom today she summed up college in a good way. "That's what college is. You're paying them to run your life."

Yay for college.
Yay for being a freshman.
Yay for all the building nicknames like JFSN, SWKT, BNSN, and Marb.

This is going to be an exciting year.

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