Monday, October 28, 2013

[Insert Sentimental Title Here]

As you look back on the summer of your life what will you see?
Or was there a summer at all?
Are you standing on the eve of a dreary winter without even realizing you had just gone through the summer?
As we stand there, naively wondering what will be, are we only hoping for the future? Or are we truly living the day? As you feel the crisp fall air brush against your skin, live in such a way that you can rest assured knowing that you made the most of that day.
So there I found myself. In between the eve of one day and the dawn of another. I was stuck in a limbo, and there was only one person. All I knew is that she would be there through it all, through the winters that would come, or the springs that finally envelope the cold after a harsh night. There wouldn't have to be words, the silence would suffice.

If you happened to be extremely confused about this post, that's okay. I was putting my hand together for artisticness for that nig in the pictures. In other words, that post was a joke. :)
However, I love Britt. She's my best friend... and this is one reason why.