Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 1. Me.

Well, I'm Chelle. Or Chelles. Or just about whatever you want to call me.

I'm the girl with the long light brown hair with blue eyes.
#Confession. I love my blue eyes.

I like to do random and completely spontaneous things. Like...
#Stop the car at 10 @ night just because Party Rock Anthem is on and I want to shuffle.
#Make wings out of sticks and paper just because Nichole and I think we can fly.
#Eat salty pizza, or play shoe lace dinosaurs with Britt—Just because we can.

I owe everything to the gospel and Christ. Without them, I'd be nothing.

I love my friends. They make my life.

We like food. And laughing. And playing dinosaur shoe laces.

You can't even imagine how much I love this girl.

This boy makes all my days smile.
And we like having wars... involving mud and soap and toothpaste and other fun things. :)

Abe? Just because he's cool.

More shout outs, because I couldn't find pictures.
Cynthia- This girl will never leave me lonely.
Kennedi- We love our bench snuggs.
Ammer- Cause we've been through it all.
Taylor- Cause we can always talk.
Ethan- Because you're "Brotherly". :)

There's so many more... but there's some for you. :)

My family is my world.

My dad takes me to see John Mayer, and I pose like an idiot.

My sister and I are retards. :) She's another best friend. And we stay up late eating chocolate and laughing.

The rest of my family (Not all of us are pictured... ). Because they are always there for me, no matter what. And they're crazy. And I love them.

My other family.

(Along with Shawn and Koral). Because I have some amazing times with them, and I always feel welcome.

I love sports. Especially basketball.
Hawaii is amazing (and I WILL go there someday).

I believe in smiling. In letting go and loving. I believe in happily ever after. I believe everyone can be happy. And, well I believe in myself. :)

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