Saturday, November 26, 2011

26, 27, and 28.

Once again behind.
But first. For the 25th day. I have another first. It happened yesterday at work. Well.... I passed out. Yup. But at least there was one of my managers there at the same time. Here's how our conversation went.
Me: *as I lean on the makeline* "Will you catch me if I pass out?"
Him: "Yeah, of course, just don't lock your knees."
Me: "Oh don't worry I'm not."
Then I was out. Apparently I fell towards him and yup, he caught me as promise. Good thing I'm not fat. :) haha.
After about 5 or so minutes I was fine. Pale for a while, but fine. Definitely a first.
26: My fears.
I don't like this one.
Maybe I'm a pansy, but oh well.
-Being forgotten.
-The dark.
-Losing those closest to me.
-Not being able to do all I can.
And there's more. But that's a few.
27: His arms. Or anywhere with him.
"They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Apparently they've never been in your arms." :) True.
28: Something that you miss.
Hmmm.. I miss a lot of things. My brothers and sister. Sis and 2 bros-married. Other bro-college. I miss my dog... and my cat... :\
I miss the warmth. The feeling of spring.
I miss being in those arms of his, his smile, eyes, everything about him. (I know I'm twitterpated, okay??)
There's a few things that I miss...

Once again sorry about cramming all those days into one post.
I'm sure you'll forgive me.

On another note. Tonight was amazing.
Real steel to the Pizza Factory to Cold Stone.
But that's not what made it amazing.
It was the snuggs, and laughing so hard.
And having people hearing only parts of the conversation... and making it awkward for them.
What made it amazing was him. :)

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