Thursday, November 3, 2011

6: My interesting day.

Well, today was... jut normal.
It consisted of getting up early and going to school, and then going home from school.
After school I went to see a boy... :) yeah, that boy. :)
Then I went to the stores looking for presents (for my little sister and a friend, both birthdays today). I was a dipstick though, and forgot my wallet, so I went and got my papi, and then went back to the store.
Then I went home and had a fabulous dinner, along with cake.
Then I've been figuring out some stuff out for school which is absolutely fabulous. Not.
Anyways... I'll prolly go find something to eat, do some homework, shower, read scriptures, and then go to bed.
I'm kinda looking forward to tomorrow. Yay for Fridays.

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