Saturday, March 3, 2012

Once upon a time...

Let me tell you a story.
On Thursday (so two days ago) we started our basketball tournament.
We played Legacy, every one had an off day. We lost. Pretty badly.
And Britt couldn't play cause she had 5 f's.
You see, she's been sick, and missed a lot of school.... but APPARENTLY that wasn't a good enough reason. And they didn't even give her warning. They just told her she was on probation and that she couldn't play.
I was staying at her house that night... it was clear what we had to do. We stayed up til 3 in the morning... and the next day ALL of those f's were at least c's, some b's even.
SO. Then she could play. :)
It was more then worth it.
That night (Friday) we played again. We creamed. I beat my personal best, making 25 points.
Then this morning (Saturday) we played another school at 11. We creamed, which meant we went onto semi-finals, and the game was at 1:30. (Like an hour break in between games).
We played Legacy again. Britt and I (esp. her) were sinking the 3-pointers.
It was sooo intense. We won. By 3.
But, because of how double elimination works... we had to play them again, at 4:30.
We all played so hard. We just laid it all out on the court.
Tied 30-30 we went into over time. 4 more minutes.... tied again (at I don't even remember what), we went into double overtime. Down by 3 they had a technical called on them. (Their coach called a time-out when they didn't have any left.) I was chosen to shoot the 2 free throws for the technical.
My free throws had been off all day, I was shooting at like 40%. Not good.
Up at the line I can't tell you how much pressure there was.
#1 free throw- swoosh. #2 free throw- swoosh.
Down by 1 point we had 2 seconds left on the clock and we were throwing it in..
We couldn't get a shot off, we couldn't draw a foul.
We lost in double over time by 1.
We deserved a win, but we gave it all we had.
It was still amazing, and I loved every second of it.
After in our team meeting... well... we realized that it truly was the end of the season, and that our beloved coach, Regan, wouldn't be coaching us next year. So we all cried.
YAY for girls and crying. But HOPEFULLY Brooke, our other coach will still be with us.
I love them both to death.

After taking down camp (nice figurative speaking there, Chelle. Why thank you.)
Britt and I decided that we wanted to eat everything.
So along with Jaden and Ryan (for anyone reading this who knows about the Ryan who has been quite rude to me... well this is a different Ryan), anyways.. oh on another side note, these two kids are awesome. They were at every single one of our tourney games. And they made Britt and me shirts. 2 b's. 2 m's. Last names. Numbers. The whole thing. They were amazing. ANYWHO we decided to go to golden corral. On the way we got distracted and had to get krispy kreme dough nuts.
Then we ate more then... we basically ate everything.
It was beautiful.

So now I'm home in bed... so sore.
The results of this tournament are as follows.
-Pretty sure I cracked my nose.
-I have a cut above my left eye.
-My hip? Most likely out of place.
-AND I have at least a dozen bruises on my knees, or the area close to.

I love basketball. :)

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