Monday, September 30, 2013

Maybe I'm just mentally unstable.

I love Mondays. For one reason. I get an email, well 2. One from my brother, and one from my best friend.
So come Chemistry time I am restless.  My phone buzzes, I check my email. My phone doesn't buzz, I check my email.
I seriously refresh that sucker about 50 million times.
And when I don't get an email around the usual time, well... I'm just a mess.
I can't focus in class, I can't focus to do my homework.
I have turned into that girl.
The girl that emails are like Christmas.
The girl that checks the mail everyday even though she knows she will only get one letter.
The girl that thinks about him always, and misses him even more then always.
But, I've also turned into a different girl.
The girl that has supported him for the last three months through every letter, email, story, hardship, and blessing.
The girl that loves him more and more every day. 
The girl that wouldn't have him anywhere else doing anything else. 
And you want to know something?
I'm okay with that.
Because every once in a while you have an eye opening experience.
And you realize how good you have it. Sure, you miss him. But you've still got him.
Sure it's hard, but it could be harder.
A 2 year sacrifice isn't hardly anything.
The gospel is so true. 

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  1. lets be friends. because this is my life on Mondays also.