Monday, November 4, 2013

In case you're having a bad day.

I've been having one of those days. And I know compared to some, well it would look like a birthday party. ... But for me, it's been a no good dirty rotten very bad day.
So, I decided to do something. I decided (and this just barely), that I was going to make a list of blessings that I have in contrast to some things that are just bugging me today.
-It's cold BUT I have clothes to keep me warm, and a house to go home to.
-I'm exhausted BUT that means that have opportunities in my life, even if they make me tired.
-I miss my brother BUT he comes home in less than a year.
-I miss my boyfriend BUT "how lucky I am to have something that [made] saying goodbye so hard."
Well... that's four, and I don't want to compare anymore...
So I'll just list a few more blessings.
- In 5 and 6 months I will have a little nieces or nephews or one of each to play with and watch.
-I have food that I can go eat at my house.
-I have a family who loves me.

But more importantly is this
-The gospel is true. You can find true peace, hope, and love through it. So this quote has helped me most today. If you're having a no good day as well, maybe it'll help you too.

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